Thinking of Tomorrow | The Lansdowne Hotel Kenmare

We are Raising Awareness of Climate Change

Join us on an adventure to become sustainable for the next generation

The team in The Lansdowne Kenmare, have been greatly moved by the youth of the world peacefully raising awareness of climate change. It has made us think and look at everything we do differently. The Lansdowne Kenmare is committed to a path of initiatives to ensure we adopt the best practice for our environment, community, and guests.

We have taken the following steps:

  • Any guest staying in the hotel for 2 nights or longer will receive a 10% Accommodation discount if they arrive by electric car. EV charging stations are available in the town
  • Any staff member who walks or cycles to and from work for 30 consecutive working days will receive a Dinner Voucher for 2
  • Our Kitchen Garden at Dromquinna Manor will be developed further to supply as much vegetables as possible to the hotel.
  • Our chef and kitchen team embrace the use of organic produce and natural ingredients.

  • We will endeavour to supply most of our food from within 30 miles.

  • We like to support local business and enterprise wherever possible in terms of the goods and services we purchase.

  • We will insist suppliers deliver with minimum plastic packaging.

  • We will collect all bottle supplies for our bars direct from wholesaler thus eradicating cardboard and plastic shrink-wrap.

  • Coffee grounds are recycled, while the plunger coffee grounds are put to good use as fertiliser in our sister property gardens.

  • A full programme of light bulb replacement is well underway throughout the property, with all incandescent and halogen bulbs being changed over to energy-efficient LED versions.

  • Our chef and kitchen team embrace the use of organic produce and natural ingredients.

  • All spent cartridges from our printers are recycled via a local supplier, who is offering this service.

  • Timers have also been installed on sensor-operating lighting to reduce energy waste.

  • All old batteries are collected and recycled in a way that is safe for the environment.

  • Single use plastic will be eradicated from the hotel.

  • We segregate all our refuse into 3 areas, recycling, compost, and plastics. It is our goal to eliminate 90% of our plastic by 2020.

  • When new appliances are purchased, their energy efficiency rating is especially important element in the selection process. We will only replace any equipment with low energy alternatives.